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A partner who asks for your input and responds with improvement


Managed by eRGo CAPITAL

A complete hotel management solution designed around one simple goal: maximizing the financial performance of your property. We work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your business goals, using the expertise and resources we have developed.

Measurable results in revenue performance, market penetration, customer satisfaction, cost management, profitability, and margins are the result of exemplary management experience.

We handle all operational issues on your behalf. Management contracts are tailor-made but include two separate billings:

  • A base fee

  • An incentive fee

Let's study together how we can contribute to your success, contact us at the following e-mail address:

Managed by eRGo CAPITAL

Services - Audit - consulting

Services - Audit - Conseils

eRGo CAPITAL : Services - Audits - Consulting

Your company is constantly exposed to the risks associated with the permanent evolution of its economic, legislative and technological environment.


Our experience in hotel management over the years has enabled us to identify common problems in new or established businesses, and to anticipate or have a maximum level of responsiveness when problems arise, thus avoiding pitfalls.


The first step to moving forward is knowing exactly where you are today. A detailed and specific analysis of all or part of the areas of your business will be carried out to find quick and fundamentally sound solutions. And will allow us to identify relevant recommendations to achieve business objectives and/or protect business operations.

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Hotel operations:
the heart of your business

We support you in the development of your company's quality policy

It may be a cliché, but it's still true that an ounce of prevention is essential. We help you and your staff to achieve ever greater customer satisfaction through the deployment of your corporate culture (professional pride, team spirit, etc.

We strongly believe that a hallmark of the service industry is recognizing the needs and wants of your customers and doing your best to exceed their expectations. Knowing that we always keep the essential in mind: the image of your company through your values.

Enregistrement au bureau de l'hôtel


Développement pré-ouverture

Development and pre-opening

Managing the pre-opening phase well is essential for a successful hotel launch. Incorrect documents can lead to long-term delays: the pre-opening team helps reduce bureaucracy and also helps with licenses and permits.

We have extensive experience in all areas related to hotel development. We provide unique services by addressing specific needs for each project we undertake for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that the hotel is open on time and fully ready to welcome the first guests. These requirements also relate to cost control and completion within the defined pre-opening budget:

  • Create and implement pre-opening sales, marketing and Public Relations action plans

  • Prepare pre-opening budgets

  • Establish detailed action plans for all departments and develop effective pricing strategies

  • Prepare and implement standards and procedures

Rénovation et maîtrise d'œuvre


Renovation and Project Management

You've probably encountered this scene before: after checking into a hotel, you walk to your room, open the door and see that the carpet in the room is torn, the bedspread is frayed, and the walls are dull. and the bathroom is poorly lit.

​Customers support the evidence that they will not set foot in an establishment that has seen better days.

Frequent renovations allow your business to stay ahead of the game and remain competitive, but also to avoid much higher costs.

There are basically three cycles in the life of a hotel:

  • The first cycle can occur in the first three to six years: a refurbishment of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, costing on average between $8,000 and $12,000 per room

  • After about 12 years comes the basic renovation, averaging $20,000 per room

  • Finally, after about 50 years, comes a massive renovation, which can cost upwards of $100,000 per piece.


The key is often how the hotel defines its own maintenance schedule. Most hotels spend around 4% of room revenue on basic maintenance when they should be spending around 9%.


eRGo CAPITAL has unparalleled experience in managing room and public space renovations and will manage the entire process - from interior design to selecting the right contractors who can deliver a project on time and within budget.

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If you don't renovate, your guests will fade as quickly as you

Intérieur de restaurant moderne



Food and Beverage

Whether you are looking to provide a positive dining experience or work closely with eRGo CAPITAL to present a stand-alone concept, our goal is to achieve the perfect balance of customer satisfaction, revenue, and profit while improving the image of your establishment.

Our Food & Beverage division oversees all aspects of quality and service to maximize profits. We offer unique concepts that guarantee exceptional customer experiences. So when your customers sit down to enjoy a meal, the experience is unique and memorable.

What we provide

  • Concept and menu development

  • Training

  • Financial audit

  • Project Management​

restaurant intérieur
Spa Piscine
Développement de Spa


Development Spas

We accompany you from the concept to the development until the opening of spas ranging from 300 m² to 2000 m², operational planning, and staffing. Once a spa is open, we provide operational support focused on financial success, customer satisfaction, and team member motivation.


eRGo CAPITAL offers a dedicated and expert spa support structure.


What we provide

  • Selection, design, and development

  • Choice of architects and partner brands

  • Operational support

  • Implementation of treatment protocols

  • Financial performance management

  • Spa management, staff recruitment, and training



Développment de Concepts

Luxury Event Design

Whether you are looking to position your property on a different market or to better secure the current one, eRGo CAPITAL can support you in the reflection of a unique concept. Our goal is to achieve the perfect balance between customer satisfaction, revenue, and profit while enhancing your company's image.


What we provide

  • Concept development

  • Training

  • Financial audit

  • Project management

Vertical Circle.jpg


Resort Glamping

World Class Resort Glamping

From a standard hotel to an eco-resort to an elegant Glamping-type property, eRGo CAPITAL can work with your teams to create a concept.

We offer unique concepts that guarantee exceptional customer experiences. So when your customers stay with you, the experience is memorable.



What we provide

  • Concept development

  • Choice of partner brand

  • Training

  • Financial audit

  • Project management

Visite mystère

Mystery visit

Evaluate the quality of your services and improve your services to satisfyre your customers

Thanks to the expert and external eye of our mystery guests, we will be able to give you the vision that your customers have when they come to you, by highlighting points for improvement through a complete report concerning the reception, the service in general, the services offered, the anticipation of requests, and above all human relations.


We will bring you solutions, and recommendations. Thanks to this analysis, you will be able to improve your quality of service, respect your customers' commitments, and train and motivate your teams to offer the best of themselves, to finally improve your revenue!

Homme observant la vitrine d'un magasin
Logo eRGo PUCE.png

Analyze the emotional dimension to optimize the customer experience

Manager de transition
Réunion d'affaires

Interim Manager

To maintain quality
and keep your team motivated

Nothing is more difficult than a company without a leader!!! This type of situation creates major difficulties for the service but also for the establishment as a whole: we must continue to maintain quality, without destabilizing the team in place, but above all without affecting the service offered to customers

The organizational repercussions on the entire structure, many projects and improvements of which are put on “standby”.

This is why we offer you a clear and effective solution, that of an "interim manager", an experienced professional, who supports you in these immediate operational and managerial challenges.

He/she may take up his/her duties throughout the vacant period of the post, until the arrival of the new candidate. This solution will allow both your property and your new recruit a more serene and concrete integration.

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